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The Arepa De Choclo also known as CheeseArepa 


Our Product

  • All Natural

  • Gluten Free

  • No GMO


CheeseArepas are proudly made by us here at All Over International Foods in the USA with Fresh corn and the best ingredients available, this gives our arepas a delicious sweet taste, they are fully cooked and come with restaurant quality mozzarella cheese for the perfect sweet and salty balance.  Our arepas are a delicious, filling and healthy choice for breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as an anytime snack, and even go well with almost anything  they can be eaten as is or made into a gourmet item by adding complementary stuffings such as ham, egg, maple syrup or any other filling sweet or salty to customize to your liking.

We, at All Over International Foods make the only all natural GLUTEN FREE Arepa in the US market. Our Arepas come ready to eat, just heat and serve as you would a grilled cheese sandwich, and can also be cooked a variety of ways such as any type of Oven, and griddle therefore they are a great item for concession stands, street vendors at festivals and other events, Farmers Markets, school cafeterias, cafes and restaurants.

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