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Arepa De Choclo / Cheese Arepa

All Natural, Gluten Free, GMO free arepa


All Over International Foods is a family owned operated company since 1995, started from humble beginnings as a very small company with just a few of dedicated employees and a dream. Since then, our processing plant has undergone many changes and upgrades. Now almost 20 years later we have more than tripled our output in our now state of the art manufacturing plant which has become an example to follow amongst the Latin and ethnic food manufacturing industry in Florida and the United States. Becoming America's biggest manufacturer of Arepa De Choclo or CheeseArepa,  we are now the most advanced, scalable, and trusted manufacturer of quality arepas in the contry. As demand increases we continue to refine our process and expand our capabilities.


At All Over International Foods Inc. we primarily specialize in the manufacturing of the AREPA DE CHOCLO. We make our own brand CHEESEAREPA as well as many Private Label brands for a large variety of Distributors, Stores, and Vendors. We are an FDA, SQF certified and gluten free factory that follows a strict set of guidelines to ensure the highest product standards.


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