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phone 1(304) 754-4001

Distributors and Wolesalers



        We work with most major distributers along the east coast of the US and we are happy to point any restaurants concessions, etc in the right direction and do anything we can to help you get our product.           

         However If you are a distributor, a wholesaler or and other comercial food entity we want your business, we are a large scale manufacturing plant with enough production capabilities to meet almost any demand.

           We are based out of Miami Florida but do business throughout the country, therefore have experience with and can help you solve any logistics issues in getting our product to you. Our product comes fully cooked and fully frozen and holds up very well while traveling.

           If you have any or questions please feel free to contact us, we are glad to answer all your questions and concerns , as well as talk about posible business ideas. We here at All Over are a open minded company and are always looking for new ways in which our product can be used. 

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